Technology Books for Children

Embracing Tech-themed Pleasure Reading for Student Engagement

In The Park Federation Academy Trust, fostering a passion for learning through literature, including books about technology, is a priority. Through initiatives such as technology book collections in our library and dedicated book corners, we aim to instil in our young learners a deep appreciation for technology and its significance in the modern world.

By providing a wide selection of books that focus on technology, we not only encourage children to explore this essential field but also to enhance their reading abilities and broaden their horizons.

Reading books about technology not only equips students with knowledge but also develops their critical thinking skills and fosters a lifelong love for reading.

In this way, our academy trust is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only proficient in academic subjects but are also equipped to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven society.  We also offer Digital Experience Days, where other schools can book to visit to see how technology and tech books are being used to enhance the curriculum.

Godolphin School Tech Book Corner

This article has been written by Rizwana Hussain

Rizwana Hussian is a Vice Principal at the Godolphin Junior Academy within the Park Federation Trust

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