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We are committed to Reading for Pleasure on tech topics!  These are the main ways in which we work:

  • Providing reading lists and book related resources through our site
  • Providing tech book packs to schools and within communities
  • Author and Book Ambassador read aloud visits for schools
  • Offering Hints and Tips around tech use
  • Offering activities related to tech that help educators, parents and families to nurture a love of tech and Reading for Pleasure

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Did you know that introducing your children to tech-themed books can open up a world of opportunities and help them become better digital citizens? From coding adventures to stories about innovation, our curated book recommendations can inspire your kids to explore future careers in technology and develop crucial digital skills.

Explore our selection of engaging and educational tech books and designed for young readers, along with parent resources and blogs. Tech books not only make learning fun but also prepare your children for a tech future.

Unlock your child’s potential today and support their journey toward becoming the innovators and responsible digital citizens of tomorrow!

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Want to inspire your students with the exciting world of technology? You can invite a Book Ambassador to your school or organisation, such as a Scouts group, for engaging read-aloud sessions of tech-themed books! Our ambassadors will not only bring these stories to life but also talk to children about fascinating tech careers.

Interested in learning more? Read our blogs where other educators share their experiences with tech books and how they’ve transformed their classrooms.

Our Book Ambassadors are passionate about education and ready to share their love for technology with your students. Express your interest today and bring the world of tech to life for your students!

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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure on Technology for Children and Families

  • Cultivating Curiosity: Reading about technology in a fun and engaging manner ignites curiosity in children, prompting them to explore and understand the world of technology beyond mere gadgets and games. It encourages them to ask questions, seek answers, and discover the “why” and “how” behind the tech they encounter daily.
  • Building Critical Thinking Skills: Delving into technology-themed books fosters critical thinking skills as children analyse scenarios, predict outcomes, and evaluate possibilities presented in the narratives. This analytical mindset is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape and making informed decisions in the face of ever-evolving technology.
  • Empowering Digital Citizenship: By immersing themselves in stories that explore themes like cybersecurity, online privacy, and the ethical use of technology, children develop a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities as digital citizens. They learn to navigate the digital realm safely, responsibly, and ethically, empowering them to make positive contributions to the online community.
  • Fostering Innovation and Creativity: Reading about technological breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, and futuristic concepts sparks creativity and imagination in children, inspiring them to envision innovative solutions to real-world problems. It nurtures a mindset of innovation and creativity, essential traits for success in the rapidly evolving technological landscape of the future.
  • Strengthening Family Bonds: Sharing and discussing technology-themed books as a family creates opportunities for meaningful conversations and bonding experiences. It allows parents to actively engage with their children’s interests, perspectives, and questions about technology, fostering open communication and strengthening familial connections in an increasingly digital world.


Learn more about Reading for Pleasure as an Educator

We highly recommend that educators read the Teachers as a Reader guide from the Open University. The guide covers three main areas:

  • Widen your knowledge
  • Developing robust Reading for Pleasure pedagogy
  • Creating inclusive communities of readers

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