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Online Safety

Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - Chicken Clicking - Technology Books for Children

This picture book is cleverly designed and written so that it reads like many other books for this age group, whilst introducing key Online Safety messages at an age appropriate level. It’s a perfect way into conversations about not meeting up with people who are only online ‘friends’, how easy it is to accidentally spend money online and keeping personal information safe.

Image of Book The Technology Tail - Technology Books for Children as a reviewers top pick

A great book for helping children to explore the digital world.  With the current focus on smart phones and screen free time, it is good to have a book which talks about smart phones.  An excellent book for learning about digital citizenship.  Recommended for the home and school bookshelf.  

Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - Cyber Security Life Skills - Technology Books for Children

Gets straight into technical topics (eg, multi-factor authentication is covered in chapter 1). It addresses topics teenagers will have covered at school, such as cyber-bullying and follow requests, but also a range of practical topics that get less emphasis.  It goes beyond smartphones and considers a range of devices including smart speakers, and use of public and private wi-fi networks. It ends by highlighting potential cyber security careers. 


Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - python Games for Kids - Technology Books for Children

Designed for young learners, this book simplifies complex concepts and makes coding fun.  Python is an excellent programming language for beginners, including children, because of its simple and readable syntax. Learning Python can serve as a solid foundation for understanding more complex programming languages in the future. Additionally, Python is widely used in various fields, including web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and more, making it a valuable skill for future career opportunities.

Image of The Elementia Chronicles Technology Books for Children

A perfect off screen way to support interest in gaming.  Part of a trilogy with a Minecraft theme. This was written by the author when he was seventeen years old.  That in itself is an inspiration for children who need encouragement to merge the worlds of tech and books. A good way to help develop creative and critical thinking, while enjoying an adventure story.

Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - Minecraft into the game - Technology Books for Children

Into the Game –  is the first in an ongoing series of official Minecraft books, which will really appeal to children of this age group who love playing Minecraft themselves. The main character group is made up of both boys and girls, each with their own personality, to appeal to a range of readers. One of the main characters is also in a wheelchair, but this rarely mentioned, which means his character is not defined by his disability. The book refers to exciting aspects of possible future technology, mostly with a focus on virtual reality, such as attending school virtually, or shopping through VR. The story ends on a cliff-hanger, which means I can’t wait to read the next one…!

Digital Citizenship

Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - Warro Goes on an Adventure - Technology Books for Children

A great picture book that introduces and talks to children in an age appropriate way about data protection, the use of data and the impact of data upon and in their lives. Conversations around digital literacy can never start too early.  This is a wonderful book that should take its place on home and school bookshelves.

Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - Robots, Gadgets and Artificial Intelligence - Technology Books for Children

A non-fiction book, easy to read and introduces some storytelling elements by looking at the history and evolution of robots and AI. The role of science fiction is also highlighted in the development of new technologies, with discussion of ides such as Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics. It goes slightly beyond the remit mentioned in the title, to introduce the concepts of big data, the internet of things and virtual reality. It presents concepts such as algorithms, smart homes and self-driving cars in an engaging way, with both photos and illustrations.

Image of Book Reviewers Top Picks - The Person Controller - Technology Books for Children

The two main characters of this fiction book are a boy and girl (twins) that readers who have an interest in technology, and particularly gaming, will relate to. The author uses humour throughout to engage the audience, but balances this with enough emotion to bring the characters to life, making them believable and ensuring the story feels meaningful. Whilst the technology in this book would definitely be described as ‘science fiction’ – or even magic (characters control each other using a video game controller) – there are frequent references to well known real-life video games as well as other cultural references such as YouTube and Amazon, which will again appeal to readers in this age bracket. At times, the book is in danger of reinforcing gender stereotypes, as well as other stereotyping such as ‘nerds’, ‘bullies’, and messages around self-esteem related to body image. But this feels deliberate, to help readers relate to the feelings of the characters, and is balanced by the book’s ending, which emphasises the importance of believing in yourself and not pretending to be someone you’re not. There are other more subtle challenges to gender stereotypes too, such as the female twin being better at playing video games, while the male twin prefers to style their hair and clothes. With its humour (including just the right level of toilet humour for this age group), excitement and variety of funny characters, this book is likely to appeal to gamers who are already keen readers, as well as those who may not usually read as much.

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