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Giving tech books as gifts can be a wonderful way to spark children’s curiosity, encourage learning, and foster a love for technology.

Here are several occasions besides Christmas or birthdays when gifting tech books to kids can be particularly meaningful.

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Back-to-School Season: Start the school year off on a positive note by gifting tech books that complement the subjects your child is interested in or studying. Whether it’s a book on robotics for a budding engineer or a coding workbook for a young programmer, these books can provide valuable resources for learning both in and out of the classroom.

Milestone Achievements: Celebrate your child’s accomplishments, whether it’s getting ‘Student of the Week’, an award at Judo, or passing a piano exam or moving to Secondary School give a tech book as a gift that aligns with their interests and aspirations. Consider books that offer insights into potential career paths or explore advanced topics they’re passionate about.

Summer Holidays: Keep your children engaged and entertained during the summer months with tech books that offer fun and educational activities. Look for books with coding projects, science experiments, or robotics challenges that can inspire creativity and curiosity during the break from school. Ask your local library for suggestions.

Family Holidays or Travelling: Tech books can be excellent companions for long car rides, plane trips, or holidays. Choose books that are portable and offer engaging activities or puzzles to keep kids entertained while on the go. These books can also provide opportunities for learning about different cultures, languages, and destinations.

Special Achievements or Accomplishments: Recognise your child’s unique interests, talents, or accomplishments with a tech book that celebrates their achievements. Whether it’s winning a science prize, participating in a coding competition, or mastering a new programming language, a personalised tech book can serve as a meaningful reward and encouragement.

Holidays and Festivals: In addition to Christmas, Ramadan, Holi, Passover consider gifting tech books for other holidays and festivals throughout the year. For example, books on renewable energy or environmental science could be fitting for Earth Day, while books on space exploration might be ideal for celebrating World Space Week.

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Just Because: Sometimes, the best gifts are given for no special reason at all. Surprise your child with a tech book on a random day to show them that you’re thinking of them and value their interests. This unexpected gesture can brighten their day and inspire them to dive into a new learning adventure.

Remember that the best tech books for kids are those that align with their interests, abilities, and developmental stage. By choosing books that spark their curiosity and passion for learning, you can provide them with valuable opportunities for growth and exploration throughout the year.

Sue Atkins The Parenting Expert - Technology Books for Children

Sue is a National Parenting Expert and a Trustee for Technology Books for Children

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